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Sheldon’s Story

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Sheldon’s Story

FullSizeRender (10)In February, 2002 I went to pick up my dog Chester from the Vet Clinic and I went to get him in the back and saw this pretty puppy and asked what was wrong with him. They said he was hit by a car and owner does not want to spend money on surgery and was going to put him down. My heart went out to him, such a pretty dog should have a chance for life. So I said I would pay for the surgery. So long story short, I took him home to take care of him after his surgery and my heart was his. Buddy become known as Sheldon to our family.

Sheldon was a very protective dog of me and it took time to warm up to males. Watching his personality change over several years was such enjoyment. He was a very smart and curious dog. During his recovery process I had to go out of town on business and took him and my elderly mother with me. During the day they stayed at the hotel while I worked and Sheldon was teething and decided to cut his teeth by chewing up my Mother’s hearing aids! Thank goodness for insurance!! His long Sheltie nose made it easy for him to open up cabinets and get into things that he was curious about. He loved searching for food treasures! We had to put a child proof lock on kitchen cabinet to keep him out of the trash. Also, my husband would keep a baggy of goodies in his computer roller bag and if he left it unzipped Sheldon would find the goodies and have a picnic!!

Sheldon was a talker and loved to spend time being loved on and would let you know by being vocal about it his feelings. He took the assignment of protecting the house and family and everyone felt safer having Sheldon around! Squirrels never had a chance in our yard, you say squirrel and off after them he would go. The last year of Sheldon’s life our family knew something was not right and we did all we could to figure out what was going on by doing pretty much every test and ongoing blood checks but there no way to determine he had Lymphoma cancer until the swollen glands appeared.

Our hearts were broken because he still had so much life left to share with us, but I am thankful for his broken leg because it brought us together. Love you Sheldon and miss you always.