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How Your Dog Can Help You Find Love

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How Your Dog Can Help You Find Love

It may be a little-known fact among singles, but the truth is this: People are more likely to talk to you if you’re with a dog than if you’re alone. Single dog owners, take note.

Case in point: Deborah Wood was at the grocery store, when she noticed that the “scary” guy in front of her was holding an adorable Pomeranian. Surprising even herself, she asked if she could pet his puppy. Before she knew it, she was cooing the dog, standing as close to him as she would have been if “he were a family member or a boyfriend.”

“We have very strict unspoken rules on how physically close we get to one another depending on the relationship,” Wood said, adding that, during a typical conversation, people tend to stand about three feet apart. “The moment we add a dog, however, they change.

She would know. Wood, a pet columnist for The Oregonian newspaper, has authored 10 books on the subject of dogs, including “The Dog Lover’s Guide to Dating: Using Cold Noses to Find Warm Hearts.”

Beyond the checkout line, she and others agree that dogs can be great matchmakers. The trick is knowing where to find other singles and how to use your pet to engage them.

The Park as the Proverbial Candy Shop

According to the results of a recent survey conducted by the American Kennel Club, 58 percent of men say a puppy is a foolproof babe magnet in the park. And 46 percent of women say they’d stop and talk to anyone with a cute puppy.

It may seem a foregone conclusion, then, that the park is a great place to go with your pup to find love. But there’s going to the park and then there’s “going to the park.”

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