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If you are unable to stop by during business hours for an appointment, please call our office. Many clients find it very convenient to drop-off early and leave their pet for the day. Pets are treated throughout the day and are ready for pick up in the afternoon. This prevents missed hours at work and makes it easy for pets to be treated. There is no extra charge for drop-off appointments!

  • 700 am - 600 pm
  • 700 am - 500 pm
  • 700 am - 600 pm
  • Darren Montgomery
    We recently lost our dog of 16 years and the excellent staff went above and beyond what was expected. Although we knew the time was coming to say goodbye to Jackson it happened when I was out of town on business and the staff helped my wife with every detail as compassionate and understanding as possible. Even with a follow up sympathy card we received this week that really spoke to how much they care during our time of loss. Thanks again for all you do!
    Darren Montgomery
  • Sharlotte King
    Appointments are quick to schedule and timely upon arrival. The staff are knowledgeable, patient with pets (and owners), and efficient. I am happy to have found such a wonderful vet to care for my dogs since my recent move here from Kentucky.
    Sharlotte King
  • Patty McCallum
    The entire staff is most courteous and polite and treats you like family!
    Patty McCallum
  • Joe Denning
    The Doctor was outstanding. She called us for an update on a Saturday. Thanks again!
    Joe Denning
  • Abbie Weber
    I am so thrilled we found this place! I haven't been this happy and comfortable with a vet in a very long time! We would be lost with out the vet and the staff. Thank you for providing the best care for my fur babies:)
    Abbie Weber

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